Homeless Youth Awareness Event at the State Capitol MARCH 12th!


On TUESDAY, MARCH 12th, Rep. Chris Taylor, Rep. Melissa Sargent and Rep. Amy Loudenbeck co-hosted a Legislative Symposium on Unaccompanied Homeless Youth from 1:00 – 3:00 at the State Capitol in room 411 South.

Participants included Green Bay, Beloit, Janesville and Madison school staff and youth advocates. Three short films from three different  areas of Wisconsin  highlighted the young people in those communities who experience homelessness and are doing so without parents or guardians. These are stories of kids on their own who are trying to stay in school while being responsible for their own housing and safety.

The new State Department of Children and Families Office of Youth Services, Wendy Henderson attended as well as legislators from across the state.

What great promise this day holds for our state and what hope we have for changes to be made that will help youth find more safe places to stay.

Make Room For Youth: The first Short Film!

MRFY is very very proud to announce that the short film created for MRFY by film maker Will Nimmow is now available for viewing!

View the first few minutes of the Film Make Room For Youth on youtube by clicking HERE

We are VERY happy to arrange a showing of the entire film. Please contact us about hosting an event.

The flowing and poignant narrative tells the stories of youth who were homeless and alone in Madison, Wisconsin.  While their stories are compelling, what they give us is a glimpse into the world of scores of others in our community.The additional voice of our street outreach worker ties the two stories to the stories that are not told in this film, the stories of 10, 20, 50 or more youth, on their own tonight.