Upcoming showings of the Make Room For Youth film

The beat goes on…..

More public showings of the film:

The Dane County Homeless Issues Committee has invited MRFY to the March 26th meeting, 6:30, City County Building , 3rd Floor.

We will show the film and have a discussion, come join us!

Members of the committee are:

Deedra Atkinson Member
Ronnie Barbett Member
Mike Basford Member
Dianne Hesselbein Member County Board Supervisor hesselbein@countyofdane.com
Bridget Maniaci Member
Sofia Martinez Member
Larry Palm Member
Leland Pan Member County Board Supervisor pan.leland@countyofdane.com
Steve Schooler Member
Heidi Wegleitner Member County Board Supervisor wegleitner.heidi@countyofdane.com
Ulysses Williams Member
Chief Nobel Wray Member
Nick Zweifel Member County Board Supervisor zweifel.nick@countyofdane.com


MRFY will show the film at the Homeless ┬áConsortium meeting Tuesday February 5 , at the United Way , 1955 Atwood Ave.┬áThe meeting is from 12:00 – 1:00

Another showing will be at the Annual Game Night at West High School, March 2013 (date to be determined).

The National Honor Society membership at West is sponsoring the night as a fund raiser and ALL of the proceeds will go to MRFY!!!

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