Survival Backpacks

MRFY continues to be humbled by the willingness of good people to help out. We received seriously amazing “survival” backpacks last week. These were put together by many faith communities for the Who We Are writing project. Participants each received back packs the day of the event at UW Union South. MRFY is helping to distribute the remainders.  Real tough, high school-sized back packs stuffed with the essentials: protein bars, warm socks, gloves, note books, alarm clock etc. THANK YOU Bonnie Magnuson and Becky Schigiel, and all of the other contributing congregations.




The first one was given to a young man who spent the night riding the buses all night for lack of another option. He said “that’s so nice of people to do this” he was very touched and says “thank you”.

Donations to MRFY: Big and Big!

So, what a wonderful world !  We have neighbors who are working hard to help MRFY move forward to help homeless youth in Dane County!

In January, MRFY received a very generous $1,000, (yep!) donation from the Quarles and Brady LLC Quarles Cares project. Thank you to everyone at Quarles Cares who participated and made this happen, we are deeply grateful.



This week MRFY also received a donation from Mr. Dyer’s 7th grade Social Studies class. The class networked with their peers and coordinating the collection of  220 pounds of cans for MRFY which resulted in a $110 donation that we were humbled to accept. What great citizens!SAMSUNG